Christmas Gifts For Your Dog

If you are anything like us, we look forward to spoiling our dogs at Christmas with stocking filler gifts. With are so many options, we thought we could help make your dogs Christmas extra special.

For the dog who likes to feel secure, Luna With Me's luxury round dog bed provides a den-like sense of security with the squishy bolster sides. Made from soft synthetic suede, a high grade upholstery, to ensure your dog stays off the couch and in its bed. It features a removable cushion and high quality zipped cover, which makes washing the bed easy at 30 degrees. The durable base is waterproof and insulated proving protection from any draughts and ensuring the best possible sleep for your dog. 

A variety of colours to choose from in beige, mauve and coffee. Our beds are stylish and can be displayed proudly in your home. 


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